Toyota MR2 Coilovers – Tein, H&R, BC Racing and KW

Coilovers are one of the most common and noticeable modifications on a car, while also being extremely important. Prices in this comparison range from almost £900 to over £1600 so its a decision you want to get right first time, and importantly has to work for what you are looking for in your car, be that track car or comfortable daily.

Tein Flex-Z VST04-C1SS4

This suspension kit is the cheapest in the 3 – way comparison shown here at around £888. They are the successor of the older “Street Flex” range provided by Tein and have a focus on being used on the street while providing a stiffer, sportier and more informative feel than stock, pretty much the idea for a car you want to use on the road but still be able to enjoy a track day or a bit of a hoon on a back road once in a while. These cost around £888 HERE

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Some juicy facts:

  • Spring rate. Front – 4.0kg, Rear – 8.0kg
  • Max ride height drop. Front – 70mm, Rear – 115mm
  • Topmount type. Front – Camber adjustable, Rear – Rubber upper

Some notable features incorporated in this coilover kit include:

  • Twin tube dampers, this improves comfort on rougher ground such as public roads and also stability and higher speeds. This can be achieved by the fact that using 2 separate tubes, one gas tube and one oil tube, without running them serially it means each one has a much longer stroke length in comparison to both used in to one tube. The longer stroke allows them to move with less friction and a smoother movement.
  • Adjustable damping force, these have a 16 level adjustment of compression / rebound in one by turning a simple adjustment knob. This allows you to set the car up for your own tailored preferences.
  • Pillow ball top mounts, these are designed for each different model of car that they are build for. Having reinforced rubber mounts and pillow ball mounts for the front is what allows the camber adjustment
  • Special paint coating, this high coating film strength paint has excellent resistance to rust as well as protection from chips by propelled stones, according to Teins claims this has a 0 claim rate so must be doing well
  • Easy ride height adjustment, Tein has achieved this by reducing the friction caused when adjusting ride height while there is still loaded present on the suspension by applying a super-low friction coating on to the shells and includes their own adjusting wrench
  • Anti-sag springs, the springs used are made from high-tensile steel which are cold formed, this gives excellent resistance to sagging over time and are also powder coating to help against corrosion
  • High specification damper oil. In hard use the oil becomes hot but the specially formulated oil that Tein has used keeps a stable viscosity at cold and high temperatures which allow them to operate smoothly and consistently in all conditions which also greatly reduces the degradation of the oil over time.

H&R Monotube Suspension Kit

On to the mid-range, in terms of price, option in this comparison. These offer more of a race-bred setup while still having some compliance for on road comfort and are the top of the range system from H&R who also can supply them with a choice of either sport or race type progressive rate springs. They also come with an adjustable damper to suit the owners’ preference of driving style and stance. These cost around £1231 HERE

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Some juicy facts:

  • Front ride height lowering from 20mm to 60mm
  • Rear ride height lowering from 20mm to 50mm
  • Inverted shock absorber

Special design features used on these:

  • The upside down damper is used in these with the idea that it reduces the unsprung weight. This means there is less weight that has to react to the lumps and bumps of the road, so less weight to upset the car which in turn makes it handle better and more predictable, not much unsprung weight would be lost I imagine but it must help a little
  • Three layer coated zinc base, this is used to resist corrosion and for an attractive finish
  • Progressive rating springs are used, this gives an advantage over conventional linear rate coil springs as they can act like soft springs while going over smaller bumps round about town or small undulations on motorways etc and then when the softer coils in the spring become compressed they act as a much harder spring as the harder coils start to compress. This is good for track use as it can reduce body roll and weight transfer.



Here is the most expensive in the comparison today. These are highly adjustable coilovers so are able to accommodate use for open roads and track use as well. The main focus from KW when making these seem to be the ease of adjusting them, the range of what can be adjusted and how much they can be adjusted. These cost around £1600 HERE

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Some juicy facts:

  • Front ride height lowering of 30 – 60mm
  • Rear ride height lowering of 35 – 70mm
  • Adjustable bump and rebound damping

Special design features of this coilover setup:

  • Stainless steel suspension housing, this offers a great weather resistance and will last a very long time and remain looking in a good condition through the lifespan
  • The adjustable compression and rebound of the damper gives a great deal of possible setups that you choose which gives you a better chance to match your suspension setup to what you want from your car as well as how you use it.
  • The lowering settings on these coilovers are adjustable at each corner and even TUV certified

BC Racing Suspension Coilovers (RM series)

Another mid price option here from BC. These are a very popular choice and offered in type RH, MH and RA. For this post I will mainly concentrate on the type MH variation and cost around £996 HERE

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Some juicy facts:

  • The RA is designed mostly for fast road and track car use
  • Type RH is the upgrade from type RA as this has Rear Pillowball Top Mount.
  • The MH Series are made for serious track day use and competitive circuit racing
  • Front Spring Rate:- 4kg/mm or 5kg/mm
  • Rear Spring Rate:- 6kg/mm or 8kg/mm
  • Inverted dampers

The main features included with these are:

  • Camber pillow ball top mounts, this in a simple explanation acts like a ball at the top of the strut, using this allows more camber to be added without adding any additional stress on to the strut top
  • 30 level damping force adjustment, as mentioned above, the more adjustment you are given then the more you can tailor your cars suspension to your own taste and needs
  • Similiar to what H&R offers, these to offer inverted dampers, for the same reasons of keeping the unsprung weight as low as possible with the aim of improved handling. This is achieved through by locating the gas and oil chambers up on to the shell
  • After heavy use BC racing also offer a full overhaul available on their coilovers

Which ones do you want?

With coilovers being a good amount of money it is worth figuring out where you want to invest that money first and make the right choice. This is one of them situations where not one brand can really be “the best” in my opinion, in depends more on what you want from your car and finding the most suitable set up for your preferences.

Had any experience of these? Please leave a comment for any feedback of how you felt they performed 🙂

Not yet tried any and looking to purchase coilovers ? Soon here I will include links to good suppliers of these mentioned brands.





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