Performance Exhaust Reviews – Toyota MR2 SW20

Another exciting upgrade for your project car!

A fresh new exhaust can completely change the sound of your car from how loud it is to any volume and the tone as well, not only this it can change the look of your car and even give you a fair bit of performance increase and even efficiency. This is definitely one of the most exciting but simple upgrades you can do to your car.

Things To Think About FiMr2 Turborst

Before I start writing up on a specific product I just want to say, that like most other aftermarket parts, there’s no real right or wrong part that applies to everyone.

Some one looking for a really loud big diameter exhaust or someone just wanting an exhaust to get the most power out of their car will be looking for a different exhaust to an owner who just wants a nice looking stainless steel system that looks nice and adds a small sporty sound the engine. So make sure you know what you want before you buy, especially as these can cost up to £700 in some cases.

Another factor to look in to is were you want your car to be in terms of performance later on. Performance exhausts are designed to have fewer restrictions than standard systems, this mostly comes in to effect at high revs or if your engine has been modified to try to produce more power so is pushing out more gas, this is were you will really see the benefits of a performance exhaust system. There should still be performance gains with a stock engine and performance exhaust but the difference should be smaller and mostly at time when the engine is under high load or high revs. This is something to bear in mind.

Remus Rear Silencer


Oddly and embarrassingly I had never heard much of Remus before.

Turns out that they are the worlds number one when it comes to manufacturing performance exhaust systems and export to over 60 countries worldwide, so this is no small cheap manufacturer for sure!

A little bit of background on Remus and the product they sell for the MR2 SW20. They were established in 1990 so have been about a while now and done well in that time.

The system they supply for the mr2 mk2 n/a is;

TUV approved (basically this is a European auditing and certification body that ensures the products meet certain regulations)

Build to high standards using high grade stainless steel

Uses heat-resistant black ceramic paint

2 x tailpipes 92x78mm dimensions

Designed in a purpose built acoustic room to test the sound of the exhaust on each car they use

The fitment of this exhaust is for n/a models and have options to allow you fit this product to vehicles that have catalytic converters or earlier models without. (Check before you purchase in the details)

Place to buy! HERE

Stock Exhaustmr2 turbo red


As I realize you could be reading this but actually just looking for a replacement for an old stock system or even if your current exhaust is just too loud and you want to go back to stock, I shall include a stock replacement product here.

Nowadays you can still pick up a new stock exhaust system for less than £200, making it the cheapest option by far. The example I have linked to in this post here is compatible with all n/a 3s engine cars and should be an easy direct fit.

Despite being a stock system, the standard MR2 exhaust does give a sporty, clean look with twin 4.5cm pipes, one at each side of the car with a quiet but still giving a sporty hint to the sound as well.

This system would not normally last as long as the stainless steel options, but with the proper care this could easily last years and years before any corrosion.

The Best place to buy! HERE

Mongoose Cat-Back MR2 2.0 N/A


Another shiny after-market performance product. This Mongoose exhaust system comes in slightly cheaper than the Remus system.

Although cheaper this is still a serious performance product, manufactured from high quality T304 stainless steel and – reading from the product sale page, comes with Mongoose’s lifetime guarantee.

As stated this is a “cat-back system” which means it is everything after the catalytic converter, in the direction the exhaust gas flows.

Pipe diameter 51mm

Tail pipe diameter 2×3″ Slash cut / 2×3.5″ rolled in

On my first ever mr2 (a 1989 mk1) I actually bought a mongoose system for it, although obviously different from a mk2 if its anything to go by, I can say it seemed like a very good quality product and was louder and sportier than stock but nowhere near as loud as “boy-racer loud” type exhausts if you get what I mean.

The Best place to buy! HERE

Before I Endmr2 n/a blue

Just a quick thing to say, make sure understand what model of car etc you have properly before purchasing any as well as the fitment of the product you wish to purchase, check all the details first!

Any more advice on what you guys think I should write next please leave a comment or other exhausts you think I should include on this post let me know! I could only find affiliate links for these 3 which was actually a surprise and much harder than I thought to come across, otherwise I would have liked to include many more manufacturers to compare and in more detail.

Thanks again 🙂 Feel free to leave a comment





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