Drive Shifty – MR2 Brother from Youtube

Well its been around 6 months for me exploring the online world of marketing and the “car scene” niche and now is time to expand and carry on with world domination.

A YouTube channel is something I’ve always been told would be useful to visually show the work that goes on here at sw20 modified HQ. But… as I live hundreds of miles from the main workshop and the majority of the mr2s we deal with and look after, its unrealistic to get enough content myself from the work. So I have teamed up with a great friend and colleague that already has his own YouTube channel ” DRIVE SHIFTY ”

Any regular visitor to this site will recognise his car as it regularly appears in the photos and the workshop. Currently we plan to both have separate individual content and also share content for Drive Shifty and sw20Modified, so keep an eye on both to catch everything that goes on! All goes right and big things should be on the way!

So while i sort out the job of properly linking the website and YouTube channel together, please click the link below and check out Drive Shifty.

Any ideas to help us create exciting new content let us know and comment below!

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